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Hand and Foot Detox

$30 for a 45 minute session
​Your bare hands and bare feet are placed on heated salt domes and heated salt bricks for the duration of the detox.  This is shown to enhance circulation, provide pain relief and detoxification. With the large amount of heated salt in this room a lot of negative ions are produced aiding in relaxation, decreased stress and peacefulness. This low lit warm room creates a pleasant and relaxing backdrop for this detox session.
  • Pulls toxins out of the hands and feet
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Stimulates nerve endings
  • Helps with Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis 
Planning your visit:
The salt domes and bricks are heated up to degrees so we do provide a small towel to wipe your hands. We also provide a neck pillow for your comfort. 
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