Below is a list of the individual services, packages and memberships  we offer.   Please call with any questions. 

Halotherapy/Salt Cave Session:      $40
Salt caves are 100% natural and a drug free option for respiratory ailments, skin conditions and  a healthy state of mind.  The cave is built with 10 ton of salt imported from Poland.  The cave is kept at a cool 65-69 degrees.
Blankets will be available or you can bring your own.  Cave sessions begin on the hour and last 45 minutes.  No food, drinks, or electronics in the cave.  Take this time to relax, meditate or nap.
Infrared  Sauna with Chromotherapy Session:      $35
We have two different saunas available both with chromotherapy lights. Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony.
Our far infrared sauna targets detox and relaxation.  The full spectrum infrared sauna includes near, mid, and far infrared.  The session offers multiple options that can target different areas based on your preference.  Areas like weight loss, skin repair, increase metabolism, immune system boost and detoxification are a few of the options. Sauna times will vary based on the option you choose.  All sessions begin on the hour.  Hold off on a shower right after you sauna session.  It is the sauna manufacturers  recommendation that you allow your body to cool itself to get the maximum benefits from your session.  If booking multiple people together please call so we can assist with you booking. 
Hand and Foot Detox Session:    $30
​Your bare hands and bare feet are placed on heated salt domes and heated salt bricks for the duration of the detox.  This is shown to  enhance circulation, provide pain relief and detoxification.  With  the large amount of heated salt in this room a lot of   negative ions are produced aiding in relaxation, decreased stress and peacefulness.  This low lit warm room creates a pleasant and relaxing backdrop for this detox session. Detox sessions begin on the hour and lasts 45 minutes.  
Double Detox:
One individual book any of the above two services on the same day and receive $10 off.
Reclaim Your Health Package: $85
​Includes a salt cave session, sauna session and hand and foot detox session all in one visit. Please plan for 3-3.5 hours for this package.
Five Salt Cave Session Package: $160
​Includes five salt cave sessions all used by the same individual.   Expires one year from first scheduled session. 
Five Sauna Session Package: $140
​Includes five sauna sessions all used by the same individual.  Expires one year from first scheduled session. 
Five Hand and Foot Detox Package: $120
​Includes five hand and foot detox sessions all used by the same individual. Expires one year from first scheduled session. 
Salt Cave Membership Packages:
​Unlimited visits to the salt cave for specified number of months. 
One month:        $199
Three months:   $399
Six months:        $599
Party packages:  Call for pricing
Our party packages can accommodate up to 10 people and we  custom tailor it to your wishes.  Can include one, two or three services.  It also includes a cozy private gathering room for you and you guests to enjoy before, in between and after your services.  ​
All prices are subject to change without notice.

We are following all required guidelines related to COVID-19.

Southtown Salt Cave makes no medical claims. We recommend you consult with a physician for all medical conditions.   We take no responsibility for those who choose our services in place of a medical provider.  

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