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Spiritual Reading and Reiki

Spiritual Reading: $88 for 30 minutes

With Reiki Master and Psychic Medium Pam Toole, RN BSN. 

In your reading we will connect to loved ones and receive the message they want to bring forward.  This can offer you healing, guidance and peace as we connect to spirit in this sacred and magical experience.

Tarot Card Reading: $33 for 30-minute tarot reading or $65 for 60-minute tarot reading with Allecia Verga.

Reiki: $88 for 60 minutes (Please call shop to book all reiki appointments)

With Reiki Master and Psychic Medium Pam Toole, RN BSN


Reiki Master Courtney Casciano.

Relaxation with gentle hands-on energy healing and Reiki to remove blocks, restore harmony and balance to your chakras.  A Pendulum reading before and after the balancing will show the restoration of chakras. 

Reiki in the cave:  $115 for 60 minutes (Please call shop to book all reiki appointments)

With Reiki Master Courtney Casciano. 

My name is Courtney I am a certified Reiki Master who was born and raised in WNY. I love all things holistic and have been practicing Reiki for 6 years. The holistic approach has been key for my own personal healing success. I only want to share this beautiful space and practice with others to help them on their own personal journey. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used for energy balancing and stress reduction. As Reiki is now recognized by the National Center for Complementary and Integrated Health as a biofield therapy, it has become more of a mainstream practice being used at hospitals and medical facilities.  A session with me begins with intention setting followed by deep relaxation with time at the end to discuss your experience. You will also receive aromatherapy with some sound healing. Tools used in each session will vary upon the needs and preferences of each client. After a session you will feel rejuvenated as your energy centers and energetic field will be in harmony.    


  • Relieves pain, anxiety, and fatigue

  • Treats depression

  • Enhances quality of life

  • Boost mood

  • Can help with headaches, tension, insomnia, and nausea

Planning your visit:

You will lay on a massage table in either our calming reiki room or salt cave depending on your booking. We recommend dressing comfortable, a blanket will be provided if needed. 

Pam photo.jpg

Pam Toole, RN, BSN, Psychic Medium & Reiki Master

Courtney. reiki.jpg

Courtney Casciano, Reiki Master


Reiki Certification Classes
If you have an interest in performing Reiki yourself, sign up for one of our certification classes.  We offer all three levels of reiki certification.
Reiki Level 1 certification: $177
Reiki Level 2 certification: $177
Reiki Master certification: $277
Keep a look out on Facebook and Instagram for classes and events or give us a call!

Mediumship and Psychic Discovery and Development Program Levels 1 and 2
(This is a two-part program to receive a certification in Evidential Mediumship and Psychic Discovery and Development.)
This program will help you to understand what evidential mediumship is and how you can harness your own abilities.

We will be given tools to begin to communicate and understand spirit communication.
You will learn about trusting your own intuition, psychic abilities, and connecting with spirit.
You will be able to demonstrate giving spiritual and evidence-based reading to others by the end of this program. 
Each part consists of a series of classes over several months.  

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